Ground has been broken….

It is with great relief that I can write this post. Since last October I’ve been blogging about Prince Edward Island’s unfulfilled government promise to replace the rundown Riverview Manor for seniors in Montague. It’s been a frustrating route from my first writing to this past week when, finally, the machines started showing up, the office trailer placed, and ground was broken.

Construction will begin. There can be hope again.

Montague is finally receiving the honour and care it deserves. Everyone who has gone through the Manor, both staff and residents, has not complained publicly about their environment, but instead showed up, rolled up their sleeves and made a home anyway. But we all knew a better future was possibly looming.

Hats off to those people. Now, hopefully, the government is showing up for you. My optimism is renewed for an exciting fresh environment for everyone involved.

We will be watching…



Elder care… caring for your loved ones

We hear the word “care-giver” often now. There is a whole bunch of us 50 to 60 something people who have parents who need our help. Who need our love. Who need our advocacy and strength.

Of course, most of us try to be present for our family. We want to be. Even some people who have had difficult family issues will show up for their aged.

But… Continue reading “Elder care… caring for your loved ones”

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