Ground has been broken….

It is with great relief that I can write this post. Since last October I’ve been blogging about Prince Edward Island’s unfulfilled government promise to replace the rundown Riverview Manor for seniors in Montague. It’s been a frustrating route from my first writing to this past week when, finally, the machines started showing up, the office trailer placed, and ground was broken.

Construction will begin. There can be hope again.

Montague is finally receiving the honour and care it deserves. Everyone who has gone through the Manor, both staff and residents, has not complained publicly about their environment, but instead showed up, rolled up their sleeves and made a home anyway. But we all knew a better future was possibly looming.

Hats off to those people. Now, hopefully, the government is showing up for you. My optimism is renewed for an exciting fresh environment for everyone involved.

We will be watching…



Hear backhoes, construction? No.. me neither…

“Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the…. government iz?” Here we go again. It’s called the Montague Riverview Manor Waiting game. The rules go like this:

  1. Make a promise.
  2. Get people excited and feeling cared for.
  3. Get others advocating for your promise. “No, no! It’s real, this time!”
  4. Make a gesture that is called “tender”.
  5. Hold breath for a few months.
  6. Give a good excuse or don’t even say anything.
  7. Repeat.

“Construction on the Riverview Manor and the Tyne Valley Manor will begin in late spring of this year once tenders are awarded after the closing date of March 9th..”

“In response to inquiries regarding timelines, we confirm that work will begin as early as possible in the Spring 2017 construction season.”

Um. So. Why are we Continue reading “Hear backhoes, construction? No.. me neither…”

Some links for you….

In the past while seniors have been in the news for various reasons. We wish to make this site a place where you might find articles on subjects pertinent to you. We will endeavour to post links to reports or write ups related to aging or care-giving.


Last fall I, Trilby (we will have a variety of writers here), advocated on behalf of the staff and the residents of the Riverview Manor in Montague, Prince Edward Island and wrote several articles that have had a positive impact on the community. For years, the PEI government has been promising to Continue reading “Some links for you….”

Laughter and love…the best medicine

There are so many difficulties that come with aging. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, sing, and appreciate some joy you knew when you were younger.

It’s really important for us younger folk who are trying to improve our elders lives to remember they use to have full, productive and interesting lives. We would be enriched if we listened to their stories, offering them opportunities to feel good, and surprise them with ideas they might just enjoy.


I turned to music for my Dad in the last year of his life. Music helped when Continue reading “Laughter and love…the best medicine”

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