Laughter and love…the best medicine

There are so many difficulties that come with aging. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, sing, and appreciate some joy you knew when you were younger.

It’s really important for us younger folk who are trying to improve our elders lives to remember they use to have full, productive and interesting lives. We would be enriched if we listened to their stories, offering them opportunities to feel good, and surprise them with ideas they might just enjoy.


I turned to music for my Dad in the last year of his life. Music helped when medicine couldn’t. I purchased a fat, comfortable pair of headphones and streamed some of his favourite jazz. At the beginning, he was thrilled to hear some old tunes. Near the end, his music acted as a calming device when nothing else worked.

My Mom loves to laugh at some cartoons that appeal to her humour. And, she loves to watch animals so I dig up the online videos of cats and dogs doing their thing. Goodness knows there are many wonderful, silly videos!

Positive stories:

A respectful guy teaches some elderly residents to dance despite dementia!

“Alive Inside” is a wonderful story showing the power of music to help people. (this was my inspiration for my Dad)

Laughter is definitely helpful in fitness and mental health. I always used to judge my day¬† by how much I laughed. “Laugh Active” has this in spades!

Have you and your senior had a laugh lately? Tell us your stories.

By Trilby Jeeves



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