Elder care… caring for your loved ones

We hear the word “care-giver” often now. There is a whole bunch of us 50 to 60 something people who have parents who need our help. Who need our love. Who need our advocacy and strength.

Of course, most of us try to be present for our family. We want to be. Even some people who have had difficult family issues will show up for their aged.

But… Continue reading “Elder care… caring for your loved ones”

Laughter and love…the best medicine

There are so many difficulties that come with aging. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, sing, and appreciate some joy you knew when you were younger.

It’s really important for us younger folk who are trying to improve our elders lives to remember they use to have full, productive and interesting lives. We would be enriched if we listened to their stories, offering them opportunities to feel good, and surprise them with ideas they might just enjoy.


I turned to music for my Dad in the last year of his life. Music helped when Continue reading “Laughter and love…the best medicine”

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