Time to talk….

Welcome to our very first post in Honour Seniors.


Several of my friends and I have been frequently exchanging stories and ideas about our experiences with caring for our elderly loved ones. There have been many challenges, and beautiful moments. One thing we all have in common is our passionate advocacy for those who don’t have the energy nor the mind power to stand up for themselves. Yet, we often are listening to the desires of our elders as they express to us.

And, we are witness to some of the weaknesses (and strengths) of our system and we all desire to help and maybe even change things up. We need it.

We have many seniors in our communities who are being forgotten, ignored and who are lonely, and grieving for their old lives. We also have a group of seniors who are strong, active, and setting a super example for all.

But.. we know that aging is a challenging stage of life for many reasons.

Here at “Honour Seniors” we hope to create a safe place to express and share stories, ideas, solutions, and support for everyone. We invite people to send us their thoughts and share the good and the bad.

Let’s make it a better place for the aging and talk about what is really going on!


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