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In the past while seniors have been in the news for various reasons. We wish to make this site a place where you might find articles on subjects pertinent to you. We will endeavour to post links to reports or write ups related to aging or care-giving.


Last fall I, Trilby (we will have a variety of writers here), advocated on behalf of the staff and the residents of the Riverview Manor in Montague, Prince Edward Island and wrote several articles that have had a positive impact on the community. For years, the PEI government has been promising to replace the old, worn out Manor with a new, modern building. The most recent promise is for spring 2017. We are holding our breath as it’s become quite the “cry wolf” scenario.

Recently, there has been drugs that are being given to the elders. It’s amazing how many pills the elders find themselves on when they were not pill takers in the past. This is a subject that needs to be explored and seriously examined. Are we putting our elders on medication so the system can more easily deal with numbed out people? Is the system taking the easy way out? Here is an article on anti-psychotic drugs for elders by the Vancouver Sun.

To end this post on a positive note, here is a wonderful story about a community not waiting for the government to help families and their seniors. I believe we need to take more into our own hands, just like this place did.

Let us know if you have any links you would like to share with us here on “Honour Seniors”. (and yes… that is the Canadian spelling!)


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